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Mission Statement

Deliver therapeutic counselling and supportive recovery services within our community resulting in improved quality of life and reducing adverse societal effects resulting from substance abuse and mental health issues.


Vision Statement

Provide Client-Centred Care incorporating a holistic approach in motivating individuals with substance abuse and mental health issues through one-on-one counselling and group therapy, helping them to recognize and harness their living potential while guiding them toward living a quality filled, deserved and rewarding life.



Long-Term Vision and Growth

Within 5 to 10 years LivingPotential will be a recognized ‘centre of excellence’ institution in the Sudbury area, with both in and out-patient services providing counselling, group facilitation, psych-educational workshops and training/certification services to counsellors and psycho-therapists in the region. We anticipate employing up to 20 professionals who will be responsible and accountable for executing daily duties/responsibilities, ensuring client-centred care and appropriate treatment provisions are undertaken and implemented in the most efficient, effective, professional and ethical manner.

LivingPotential will also continue its efforts as an integral part of the educational system in developing the appropriate and necessary tools to deliver drug awareness programs to our youth, implementing and ensuring appropriate referral services and provision of on-site addiction counselling services. LivingPotetnial aims to ensure Comprehensive Drug and Alcohol Addiction programs will be a vital and necessary component of school curriculum, of which LivingPotential will assist in developing and implementing.

LivingPotential will continue to work hand-in-hand with local community partners including businesses, mental health agencies, educational systems, police services and various levels of government to develop and set standards and protocols in society addressing substance abuse and mental health issues with the intent and purpose of assisting clients and citizens to live a better, higher quality of life, and minimizing the adverse effects to society resulting from substance abuse.

Our realistic vision identifies the services which we offer, and which are already a necessity within Sudbury area, and throughout Canada. James Bolan and Stephanie Kehoe are both active members locally on several committees that discuss and promote the kinds of services necessary to address the issues of mental health and addiction within our society. Our community is seeking and in need of institutions such as the vision we've described herein. All that is required is someone with the wherewithal, work ethic, ability, passion and knowledge to forge ahead formulating and assembling the building blocks and professionals that are necessary in building the foundation. James Bolan and Stephanie Kehoe of LivingPotential are the individuals capable of spearheading this vision to its actualization.