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From Cody:

February 16, 2015 6:58 p.m.
      James Bolan is an angel. He has been sent here to help the good people of this existence too find their destined way of life. I am living proof of this. My name is Cody - I was on a self destructive path that absolutely no one could halt, not even a reality check of a stint in jail for the first time at the age of 32 -

My way of thinking was that no one loved our cared about me and that the ones in my life were there only to take -I traveled this path for over a decade - all the doors were closed on me, I had only myself to rely on and I became extremely unreliable - my world had become complete chaos with what seemed like the only way out was you know what - then I heard a whisper that I did not ignore - it was time to get help, find that help and to accept the help that I denied for way too long - my ex girlfriend and her boyfriend gave me some smokes and a hand full of sleeping pills and drove me to detox - when I arrived I deep down knew this was the exact place and time I was supposed to be there - the addict in me told me to turn around but the whisper was there coaxing me to give it a chance - I ate the sleepers and into detox I went - the gentleman that admitted me was someone that I felt comfortable with and that was a feeling that I had not had in a dog's age - sleep I did, day after day - the addict in me screaming to run, to fix the insane pain and withdrawals with one quick fix but the whisper (the voice that was getting louder and clearer) was telling me it will get better and to stay the course -after ten days of climbing the walls and probably driving everyone crazy I received the call that changed my life forever. the call from the heavens - James at Rockhaven (Monarch Recovery for Men) - " be there at 11am " the detox attendant said to me only an hour after telling me that I was going to be discharged back onto the streets the next morning - I do not cry about anything but the tears welled in my eyes and right then I knew that as long as I continued to listen to the whisper the path would be laid out for me - I made it to Rockhaven on time but still in the grip of withdrawal - then I met James, a very busy, hardworking and serious man - he went through the administration part of getting into Rockhaven, I was completely dizzy from the questions and responses (withdrawals were bad) and James was still able to keep me in the moment - absolutely amazing - the part that rang so loud that I will never forget is the fact that he was not in the position to accept me at Rockhaven and that the two men that have that power were both on vacation - " I will deal with them when they get back " James said " the desperation in your voice said it all " I felt like hugging him, I knew that this spirit would have the most important role in my life - that was when the real work on me began - I know I was a mess and that project Cody was going to be a challenge for James and anyone else involved in my recovery - everyday that James worked with me I learned, I learned what old behaviors meant (what they truly meant) and how those small behaviors can become big problems and send me back out of I did not take them seriously - hygiene, physical conditioning, attitude, self awareness, self respect, morals, ethics are just the start of the overhaul of Cody that James worked on with success (I think and know) Then my world at Rockhaven with James crashed - I was away at the Rockhaven camp when James resigned his employment at Rockhaven - I could not understand what happened and had no way of talking to him - I felt lost again - he warned me of this type of attachment but I did not listen because I assumed that he was always going to be there - anger kicked in and old behaviors took over - I was only a month into recovery and did not have a solid foundation to deal with loss - so I dealt with it the only way I knew of, I relapsed at the house - immediately after the fix I broke down in the bathroom - the whisper was dull but James' voice and face was strong in my mind - this was all wrong, all that I learned and all the effort to be thrown away was not what James would accept - " smarten the fuck up!!! " I told myself -" this is not right! " I had a long shower and told myself never again - I went to my bedroom and stayed the course - I went to work using some old skills (not behaviors) to find a way to contact James - I managed to find a printout of everyone's phone numbers that worked at Rockhaven and gave him a call - that was when the next stage of my journey with James began - The reality of my life without James would have been a complete nightmare, I know he always says that I have done the work but I know that without the guidance of these angels an unimaginable amount of souls would still be lost - I love you James Bolan with all my heart and soul - Thank you